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The brave and the beautiful

Players who are in it for the action and aesthetics will find themselves enjoying League of Angels. Just as the title suggests, you will get the chance to play with beautiful characters called “Angels” in your quest to free the world from monsters and demons. The game is a gorgeously crafted MMORPG and it will really make you feel like you have entered an entirely different dimension.

Complete quests and win rewards

League of Angels will not let you down when it comes to action. The game is overflowing with quests that you need to accomplish. It will start of course with some easy tasks that the other in-game characters will give you. Mostly, they will ask for your aid to defeat a demon that has been terrorizing a certain place. When choosing a quest to accept, players have two options. The first one is selecting auto-quest, which will make your character move automatically on its own to accept missions. The other option is for you to have complete control over your avatar and you will ultimately decide which in-game character you are going to approach. 

Once you are on the battlefield, expect to face evil minions that you need to defeat before engaging in a final boss battle with a giant monster. There will also be times when you will be jumping straight to face a strong enemy without having to defeat any of its weaker subordinates. During the fight, your avatar will not be alone in the fight. The story actually follows a very subtle plot where players are deemed as the Chosen One, which makes you a destined hero of sorts. During the fight, you will then be accompanied by a beautiful angel who will serve not only as a teammate but as well as your champion. Having a powerful aid will make it easier for you to win the fights. 

Of course, rewards are to be gained with each quest that you complete. The rewards include major upgrades on your weapons and skills, which will boost your performance. They will strengthen your character as well as your champion. 

Fight alongside other angels

During fights, there will be times when you will be teamed up automatically with other players instead of facing the opponent on your own. The chance to attack and inflict damage on your common enemy will come in turns. So you do not have to worry about not being able to do anything during the battle. You will be able to see your team’s members and stats at the side of your screen and you will also be able to see the remaining number of turns and attacks you have left.

Sparks will fly

League of Angels possesses impressive graphics. Battles against demons are filled with colorful visuals and stunning effects that make the game engaging. Accompanied by great sounds and music, players will get to experience the thrill of facing strong opponents and feel the intensity of the fights. 


  • Impressive graphics
  • Multiplayer
  • Beautiful character designs
  • Easy to understand game instructions


  • No tutorial available
  • Does not allow trading between players
  • Small map area
  • Single point of view only

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